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Rick Wigmore,
Ravenshoe Group

“…we made the decision to switch to ProTerra LED technology and are we ever glad we did!”

I have to confess that I was sceptical at first. We were being told that ProTerra LED High Bays had a healthy natural light; energy savings up to 80% and were “instant on”. We were also advised that they contained no mercury so they could be recycled once their long life span was over which is great for the environment. It sounded too good to be true. However, I was really unhappy with our 400 watt metal halide high bays which were only 3 years old as they took forever to turn on; delivered inconsistent light and were already burning out (not only is it dangerous to change a conventional HB light bulb but it is expensive also). Since the payback in energy savings with the ProTerra LED HB was only 3 years at current electrical rates, we made the decision to switch to ProTerra LED technology and are we ever glad we did!

These Proterra LED high bays not only deliver on clean bright light. They are “instant on” and deliver big energy savings and the smaller, innovative design makes our warehouse look very high tech.

Rick Wigmore
Ravenshoe Group

Rick Foran,
AutoSystems Magna Belleville

– the biggest feedback I have received is there is no more fluorescents flickering, there is a nice punch, good quality control as the punch is the light they are using to check the quality of the piece, they don’t have to use a headset light, they don’t have to squint, the light is good, it punches it out nice, we can see into cavities, some of the housings defects that we would not be able to see otherwise without using a high power incandescent fluorescents floodlight type that we don’t want to do for economics and eye strain reasons it’s not a good idea. Most of the people who work under this (LED) light go home at the end of the day feeling better, they don’t have the headaches, the continuous photophobia is absent, after working under the LEDS they go home at the end of the day feeling better, they don’t have the headaches, some people are really effected by High Intensity light, so this is not high intensity, it is good light. Just there, it’s a constant. Not fluorescents flickering. The environmental side, its a win-win. On the maintenance side, if I can reduce my maintenance costs by one person a year that is great. That is what this will do for us. At a facility this size, we are a huge facility, looking at doing all 3 facilities (with LEDS).

For the full interview with Rick Foran, please click here

AutoSystems Magna Belleville *Figure 1 Magna AutoSystems 122watt LED HiBays shown in foreground

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