Sun Harvest Series of LED Horticulture Lights

The Sun Harvest Series of LED Horticulture Lights offer bright, efficient lighting from tissue culture/clone development, through vegetative stage in both indoor and greenhouse applications as well as supplemental greenhouse lighting in flowering. With advanced SmartCooling® thermodynamics it is highly adaptable for commercial cultivation in medical, commercial, and vertical farming applications. SmartCooling® passive thermal management technology make this the best performing horticulture light in the industry.

Our innovative Sun Harvest Series of LED Horticulture Lights have a full color spectrum plus UV and IR to enable plant growth through the different stages of plant development while only using 110 watts. This Industry leading LED technology will significantly increase yields saving up to 60% on electricity, over 50% in water, and 40% on HVAC.

Benefits & Advantages of Horticulture LEDs

Lights for Tissue Culture, Clone, Vegetative and Flower Stages

  • 60%+ Lighting energy savings vs industry standard
  • 40%+ reduction in HVAC costs
  • 50%+ less water used
  • ZERO maintenance costs
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on Horticultural lights
  • Equal or greater yields than legacy lighting systems
  • Faster total growing cycles compared to high pressure sodium
  • Passive cooling
Harvester 050 Light

Clone Light

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Harvester 110 - Veg Light

Veg Light

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H440 - Veg/Flower LED

Veg/Flower LED

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