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  Welcome to ProTerra LED

We are creating an exciting new world of lighting with innovative and environmentally friendly LED technologies.

As one of the world’s leading providers of revolutionary LED lighting solutions and pioneers in high wattage LED, we are designing and manufacturing innovative products that are transcending existing technologies to light up your world using much less energy.

This “New Revolution in Lighting” will result in a greener planet, tremendous energy and financial savings plus a much brighter future for all.

At ProTerra LED…Lighting is not just our product – it’s our passion.

Solid State or LED Lighting

Solid state or LED lighting is the solution. The US DoE is looking to solid-state or LED lighting to improve overall lighting efficiency by 50 percent over the next fifteen years.

Less Energy Engineered LED industrial high-bay lighting fixtures such as ProTerra’s products can deliver up to 80 percent energy savings compared to traditional metal halide industrial lightings fixtures. Also a single well-engineered LED linear fixture can replace two traditional fluorescent tubes resulting in a 50 percent energy savings.

Less Heat Since LED fixtures produce less heat, air-conditioned office environments will save one additional kilowatt hour of air conditioning energy for every three kilowatts of lighting energy saved. The cumulative energy savings is substantial especially in continually illuminated work and commercial areas. ProTerra LED Inc.

Lower Maintenance Engineered LED fixtures continue to provide light for 50,000 hours (5.7 years at 24/7 usage) or more greatly reducing the maintenance costs compared with frequent bulb and ballast replacement activities. LED fixtures are instant-on and fixture life is not diminished by frequent on-off cycles as is the case with mercury-based metal halide and fluorescent fixtures. As a result, engineered LED fixtures can be turned on only when needed and they can also be dimmed or connected to motion sensing systems to reduce energy costs even further.

Safer Engineered LED fixtures can be designed to be safer and immediately return to full brightness after an electrical power surge compared with the extended cool-down & warm up cycle typical of metal halide bulbs.

Better Light The quality of LED generated light is far superior with no flicker or strobing and a colour temperature that is equivalent with afternoon sunshine. The cooler colour temperature engages the rods within the human eye and causes the pupil to constrict which aids in focusing and legibility. Eye strain is reduced to such a noticeable degree that many individuals in the Company’s initial installations have reported significant reduction in the frequency of headaches.

Zero Mercury or Hazardous Chemicals LED light fixtures contain no mercury or harmful chemicals, so they require no hazardous disposal handling. Engineered LED fixtures can be returned at the end of the rated life for either recycling or to be refreshed with new LED devices and returned to service. There are government discussions about legislating out the use of mercury-based lighting sources once solid-state lighting products have demonstrated their ability to deliver on promised fixture life and light output levels. As jurisdictions enact legislation to encourage organizations to reduce their use of toxic and hazardous chemicals, ProTerraLED lighting retrofits are a proven and environmentally beneficial solution.


OUR CUSTOMERS - We promise to meet or exceed your expectations by providing you with leading edge lighting technology at reasonable cost.

OUR EMPLOYEES – We pledge to supply you with the excellent work environment necessary to nurture innovative ideas and produce cutting edge products.

OUR INVESTORS – We are committed to growing your investment and making you secure in the knowledge that your investment is providing both value for you and a brighter future for the planet.

OUR COMMUNITY – We promise to produce safe, environmentally friendly products dedicated to improving the quality of life in all our communities.

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